Early Adopters - July Orders
Your Washee is shipping July 25th and it is getting and upgrade.

We’ve become aware that not all users have been receiving our newsletters and there has been confusion seeing a ship date for September on site. We use mailchimp as our email newsletter provider and we are working through the issues. 

Main points you may have missed: 

  • Early adopter campaign concluded successfully. We’ve removed Free Shipping and the Early adopter discount. No more orders have been accepted for July delivery.
  • Units are shipping July 25th. Depending where you live in the U.S., expect 2 to 5 days to delivery time. 
  • Early adopter are being upgraded to the newest Washee model. Washee now includes a 2nd cycle that works with D-limonene cleaners or isopropyl alcohol. This cycle was added to deal with the toughest of pipe/bongs situations that have been sitting for a long time. We’ll be rolling out our own reusable & environmentally friendly cleaner in the near future. 
    D-limonene cleaners include grunge-off and simple green (yes, grunge-off and simple green use the same base ingredient despite the difference in cost). 
  • The Personal unit’s tanks has been increased from 6x3x2.5 in to 6×5.5×4 in. 


Please get in touch if you have any other questions.