About Washee Products

What is Washee?

Washee is a New device that does your pipe and bong cleaning for you quickly. With Washee, you don’t have to mess with ziplock bags and cleaners. Instead, your pieces can look like new by running them in Washee for a few minutes. Washee greatly enhances your smoking experience. It works with both water & specialty cleaners, it is energy efficient and it’s built out of steel to last a long time.

Washee = Better Smoking Life

Dirty pipes and bongs ruin your green’s flavor, waste greens, make it harder to get high and harbor bacteria.

You’ve probably noticed that you get considerably higher smoking out of a clean pipe than a dirty one. That is because dirty pipes constraint airflow which reduces combustion and makes drawing from a pipe harder. You waste greens when you smoke out of dirty pieces. This means dirty pipes are costing you more greens for the same high. Conversely, if your pipes are always clean, you will be saving on greens as your hits will be maximized and you will be getting high-er per hit. 

Dirty pipes are also bad for your health. When you pull from dirty pieces, you are pulling into your lungs spores and bacteria. See this great article from Dr. Weed on the subject

Washee greatly improves your smoking lifestyle because you get great hits out of your pieces every time. You get better and more intense highs. Your smoke tastes great. The best part: Washee does it all on-demand and quickly. Washee is all new and it is one of the best innovations that have been created for smokers. Enhance your smoking lifestyle today. Right now you can get Washee at a discount. Only 600 units available for presale with November delivery. 

Washee Operation

Washee has 2 modes of operation. The first is a cold cycle that runs with water to keep your pipes and bongs clean. You can run your pieces in Washee after every 1/4 oz. of greens have been smoked through it for about 10 to 15 minutes (depending on piece size and geometry) to keep them clean. This a great use of Washee as it runs the most energy efficient and it ensures you are always getting great highs out of your pieces. Running the small Washee 30 minutes per week in cold cycle will spend less than $0.25 per year in electrical costs (based on U.S. average).  

The 2nd mode of operation for Washee is a hot cycle used with cleaners. Washee never brings water to a boil so it does not create bad odors. This cycle is for pieces that have been left dirty for long periods of time. It is meant to be used with d-limonene cleaners such as simple green or grunge-off (yes, grunge-off uses the same base cleaner as simple green). We’ll be rolling out our own reusable and natural cleaner in the near future as well. Approximately 30 minutes in a hot cycle with a cleaner will leave even the dirtiest pipes and bongs like new. 

Washee Sizes

Washee comes in 3 sizes. All 3 different sizes offer the same cleaning benefits. The cleaning power is scaled with the cleaning tank size. The largest unit can be used commercially (cleaning customer’s pipes/bongs) as it is equipped with a cooling system that allows it to run non-stop. 

Washee Specs

Washee is built to last. The tank is made out of stainless steel & the body is made out of cold rolled steel. Every unit is equipped with over current and over voltage protection. Washee is something that will be providing you value for a very long time.

Spec W2-Small W2-Medium W2-Large
Cold Cycle Power 60W 180W 600W
Hot Cycle Power 110W 380W 1400W
Tank Capacity 0.5 Gal 1.6 Gal 8 Gal
Tank Size 6 x 5 1/2 x 4 inches 11 3/4 x 6 x 6 inches 20 x 12 x 8 inches
Preorders Remaining


Is there any risk of my pipes being damaged?

Washee can work with glass, ceramic, metal and many other materials. If it is safe to be submerged in water, then it is safe to place in Washee. 

How is Washee's tank cleaned?

The inside chamber is made of stainless steel. The same action that cleans the pipes, cleans the chamber when you run an empty load.

Can you clean more than one bong/pipe at a time?

Yes, you can clean as many pieces as you can fit. They need to be fully submerged to get cleaned. Pieces cannot be touching if they are made of brittle materials like glass. 

Does Washee have a warranty?

Absolutely. We proudly stand by our product. Any deffective Washees are guaranteed and will be immediately replaced. If you have issues with your Washee, email support@washee.net. 

What is your cancellation policy?

For pre-orders, we stick to our state’s guidelines (California). You have 3 days after preordering to cancel your order. 

How often do I need to change the water?

Depending on how dirty your pieces were before, you can go up to weeks without changing the water. Even when it is dark colored it will keep cleaning. If you see a drop in performance, it means it is time to replace the liquid. 

Does Washee create bad odors?

Washee does not bring water to a boil and thus no odors travel. Washee doesn’t make your house smell. 

Do you have more questions? Reach out to us at hi@washee.net :

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