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Introducing the new revolutionary Washee! This Bong Washee will help you avoid the nasty deposits left by water and it will help you get better and cleaner hits out of your greens which will make them last longer… all without having to do any work yourself or needing to purchase bottle cleaners!

Put your bong inside, press a button and get ready to get the best possible hits out of your bong that you’ve been missing!

We’ve all had a bong whose water has not been changed often enough and ended smelling like a rotten soup of mold and ash (and whatever else is floating around in there).

Bongs get easily covered in layers of stinky black tar and you and your weed deserve so much better. Packing good greens into dirty bowls and stems wastes greens. Then, passing those greens through a dirty bong finishes ruining the experience because it kills the unique aroma.

In contrast, putting your fresh flowers in a clean bong filled with ice can feel like a personal spa day or a small self-care retreat.

However, dirty bongs are also bad for your health as they are the perfect environment for fungi, bacteria, and pathogens to thrive.

Washee leaves your bongs like new and disinfects them at the push of a button. Get great hits and great highs without having to do any work!

Dirty pipes waste weed in 3 ways:

  1. The constrained airflow kills combustion in your chamber
  2. The difficulty in drawing means less smoke gets to you
  3. The accumulated resin traps THC and other cannabinoids and when it cools down, it releases them again later. You are not being smart by building up resin and smoking it later. Not only is it not healthy to smoke, it’s also wasteful for your greens: it loses most of the THC it captures from the hot smoke once it cools.  

Bongs are all about big hits and great aroma. Washee helps you get both. A clear stem and clean bong will ensure you are able to rip it to get a great high and really taste those buds in the process all without having to lift a single finger (well, except for the one that pushes the button).

You will save money by making the most out of your greens and by not needing to purchase bottle cleaners. You will save time by the automated cleaning process.

The Bongs Washee unit contains:

  • A 12x6x6 in cleaning tank.
  • It runs on 180W of energy. If you were to run the Bongs Washee every week for 20 min, you’d be spending less than $0.75 per year in electrical costs (based on U.S.A. data, sorry Canada).
  • The tank is made of Stainless Steel which makes it easy to keep extremely clean. In addition, you can clean any buildup that may have occurred by running an empty load.
  • Timer control gives you full flexibility to run Washee for as long or as little as you need to.
  • The external body is built from cold rolled steel, making it an extremely durable piece of equipment that will last for a very long time.
  • A drainage system to easily change the water inside.
  • Washee is equipped with both overcurrent and overvoltage protection making it safe under any out of the ordinary conditions.

By purchasing with the Half Baked special, you will be one of the first to get your hands on this unique piece of equipment that is sure to become an integral part of your smoking life. You will be one of the few to save 25% and receive free shipping as a thank you from us for being an early adopter.


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